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Portable tripod tripod recommendation: how to comment on banuo c2690tb1 Carbon Fiber Tripod

portable SLR tripod recommendation: banuo c2690tb1 carbon fiber professional travel SLR camera portable tripod, as follows, how to comment on banuo c2690tb1 carbon fiber tripod, and share with you the reference of choosing banuo c2690tb1 Carbon Fiber Tripod

banuo c2690tb1 carbon fiber tripod is the exclusive qihm-8x top-level 8-layer carbon fiber material of banuo [preferred by travel photographers]. Its structural performance fully meets the requirements of experimental specifications, and its strength is increased by 60%. Light weight and tough [magnesium alloy] shares magnesium alloy technology with professional equipment, leading the industry's peak [quality] designated products for Antarctic and volcanic scientific research, and 200 well-known photographers around the world have conducted rigorous tests. 12kg load-bearing, suitable for professional users, the preferred product for travel photography

the price of some start-ups is usually 2~3 times that of the electronic mechanics experimental machine. C2690tb1 Carbon Fiber Tripod friend comments:

1. It is very light, with good quality, bought in activities, and logistics Shunfeng ultrafast

2. It is expected that in August, it will have working conditions, a great shopping experience, a good attitude, fast delivery, and very satisfied with things! Special praise to customer service Qingqing, very patient and careful! Originally, I thought it was relatively remote here, and it took SF three days to arrive. As a result, it arrived in a day and a half! Praise

3. The tripod was received, and the small gift was also very pleasant. Although it was useless, it was opened and looked at. The workmanship was very good. I liked it very much, but it was very expensive. Some pain ~

the following is the quotation of banuo c2690tb1 carbon fiber tripod. The sales volume is as follows:

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