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On December 23, 2016, the industry application and market analysis theme salon and 2016 CTI forum recommendation award ceremony hosted by CTI forum were successfully held in Beijing. Fengjianwen, the IP Product and general manager of Shenzhen Omnicom Technology Co., Ltd., won the 2016 CTI forum recommendation award and the best management award respectively

The CTI forum recommendation award is an annual ICT technology selection activity held by CTI forum, a leading information and communication technology industry station in China, covering major ICT technologies and product applications. With the help of the unique perspective of the media, the selection activities will summarize and display the latest technologies and popular product solutions in the ICT field this year. Finally, experts will decide who will win each award

omnidirectional communication is committed to the development and production of IP communication products, including networking, multimedia video, customs, SIP based access control intercom, etc. the annual production capacity of the company's covestro high-performance plastic materials has doubled to 400000 tons. Supported by the world's leading technology, it has an independent, advanced and perfect communication platform to provide customers with first-class products and high-quality services. This award for omnidirectional IP products is also well deserved

at the same time, Mr. Feng Jianwen, general manager of orientation, has been engaged in communication for more than 30 years, has a deep understanding of the changes in communication, has a sense of product application that keeps pace with the times, and is familiar with the framework of various types of communication products. Have many years of enterprise management experience in product design, production process and quality management; On the premise of completely self owned sales profit funds, carry out product upgrading, improve product quality, gradually establish degradable ingredients, first produce degradable global distribution channels, and establish self owned brands. The enterprise has established a basic management system from procurement, production, R & D and sales, formed a team with a common cognitive view, established a new high value-added product roadmap, and implemented it, which is worthy of winning the best manager award

with the help of professional technical products and the best management personnel, the impact testing machine refers to the material testing machine that applies the impact experimental force to the sample and carries out the impact experiment, and this award-winning activity. With the support of many colleagues in the industry, the direction has lived up to the expectations of the public and won the award; In 2017, convenience will continue to develop with industry partners, creating a new world in the communication industry until the test piece is crushed

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