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Can the steel price rise back to 4100

on May 29, the domestic steel market price rose slightly. On the 29th, the futures market opened higher and went higher, driving the spot price to rise continuously, and the market transaction performance was acceptable. In the afternoon, the price of Tangshan ordinary steel billet rose slightly by 10 to 3620 yuan/ton. At present, the market is in a weak balance between supply and demand. On the one hand, the market inventory continues to decline; On the other hand, demand weakens as the off-season approaches

on the 29th, domestic black commodity futures rose in resonance across the board, led by double focus, with a large volume of transactions and a substantial outflow of funds

in terms of the expected snail daily line, it closed at the mid Yang line on the 29th, and stood firmly at the pressure position of the 3630 generation at the end of the day. The short-term is expected to rise further and hit the 3730 area. It is still recommended to do long bargain hunting and roll operation

on the 29th, all four steel mills released price adjustment information, adjusting the steel price by 0-30 yuan/ton

steel spot market

construction steel: the average price of HRB400 (20mm) deformed steel bars in 25 major cities in China was 4076 yuan/ton, up 11 yuan/ton from the previous trading day. Specifically, the news of environmental protection and production restriction in Changzhou has stimulated the southern market to a certain extent. In the late opening period, the snail has strengthened steadily, the confidence of merchants has improved significantly, and the market turnover is large; In the northern region, prices fell slightly due to demand. At present, with the further expansion of the inspection scope of the environmental protection group, the overall output of the steel plant has declined to a certain extent, while the market inventory is at a low level, the mentality of merchants is preferred, and the willingness to support prices is relatively strong. It is expected that the price of building materials will be stable and stronger tomorrow

hot rolled coil: the price of 4.75mm hot rolled coil in 24 markets nationwide was reported at 4239 yuan/ton, up 7 yuan/ton from the previous trading day. On the 29th, the futures market fluctuated upward, market confidence was boosted, and merchants' quotations gradually rose. At present, there are relatively few inventory resources in the market, and merchants are more willing to support the price than allocating excellent graphite resources to enterprises with strength, technology and society. There are few low-cost resources, downstream user purchases have increased, and market transactions have improved. It is expected that the hot rolling market price will fluctuate strongly tomorrow

cold rolled coil: the average price of 1.0mm cold rolled coil in 24 major cities in China was 4659 yuan/ton, up 4 yuan/ton from the previous transaction price. According to the feedback of traders, although the market environmental protection news has been flying all over the world recently, especially the limited production and bad hot coil coated in Boxing area today, although the current hot and cold price difference is low, whether the normal hot and cold price difference will be corrected is still down with the trend. The merchants said that there are still uncertainties, so it is necessary to ensure the shipment volume

medium and heavy plate: the average price of medium and heavy plate in 24 major cities in China is 4418 yuan/ton, up 3 yuan/ton from the previous trading day. At present, the main mentality of the market is still based on firm quotations. In addition, it is difficult for the spot price to make a significant correction in the short term, boosted by the stable and strong futures and blank prices. From the perspective of asset 3: hydraulic universal wood testing machine, the main use of hydraulic universal wood testing machine: source, the inventory level in the spot market remains low, and it is expected that the short-term price may maintain a strong consolidation trend

raw material spot market

imported ore: on the 29th, 61.5% of Australia's fine ore in Jingtang Port was reported at 457 yuan/ton, up 3 yuan from yesterday's price. In the morning, traders were in general mood for shipping, and had no intention of reducing prices; At the beginning of the week, the steel plant still made tentative inquiries to understand the price. In the afternoon, with the rise of the market, traders have raised prices and sold, with a strong mentality of shipping; The purchasing mentality of the steel plant is relatively positive, and the transaction is acceptable

coke: on the 29th, the spot price of domestic coke market remained stable. The mainstream transaction price of secondary metallurgical coke in Shanxi coke market is 900 yuan/ton for Solvay, another engineering plastics chemical giant, and the factory tax declaration of secondary metallurgical coke in Handan, Hebei Province is yuan/ton; Tangshan's second-class arrival price is yuan/ton, and the current second-class mainstream quotation in the coke market in East China is yuan/ton, both of which are tax inclusive prices of car boards

scrap: on the 29th, the national scrap market operated weakly and stably. The price of heavy waste in Jiangsu remains at yuan/ton; The price of heavy waste in Shandong is yuan/ton. The price of heavy waste in Zhejiang market is yuan/ton. The price of heavy waste including tax in Hebei is yuan/ton, and the above prices are the factory arrival price including tax

special steel spot market

structural steel: on the 29th, the market price of structural steel in Hangzhou was weak and stable. At present, the mainstream quotation of HANGGANG 45# carbon circle is 4320 yuan/ton, and the mainstream quotation of Huaigang is 4320 yuan/ton. On the 29th, the futures trend was stronger, the price of structural steel in Hangzhou was still slightly declining, the price of foreign steel mills continued to decline, the price of local steel mills was weak and stable, and traders were not confident in the future market. The steel mills were about to issue a new round of price adjustment, and it was expected that the short-term market quotation would still operate stably for the time being

hot rolled tube blank: on the 29th, the tube blank market in Jiangsu rose slightly. At present, the quotation of 20 × hot rolled tube billets is 4370 yuan/ton for Huaigang and 4360 yuan/ton for Zhongtian. On the 29th, Changzhou region was affected by the news of environmental protection downstream shutdown, steel plant shutdown and maintenance, etc., the snail performance was strong, the market was slightly active, and the price rose slightly. However, it is understood that the pipe billet steel was dissatisfied with the original production schedule, and this situation has little impact on the pipe billet. It is expected that the short-term price will continue to be strong

steel market forecast

in terms of futures, the black series commodity futures showed a general upward trend on the 29th, among which the coke contract and finished material contract were relatively strong, and the weekly rate also increased significantly, and the disk profit gradually expanded due to the impact of environmental protection. Except for the substantial increase in positions of hot coil contracts, other varieties showed a trend of reducing positions. Although the time-sharing line of the main contract of futures conch closed at the negative line, the daily line closed above all averages, and the strength remained strong, and it would still show an upward trend in the short term. In terms of spot goods, except for pipes, which fell slightly, other varieties showed a slight upward trend. While the output was restrained by environmental protection, the gradual recovery of demand was the decisive factor for stabilizing and rebounding. At present, the gap between supply and demand still exists, inventories are low, and the market reluctance to sell appears. It is expected that the domestic steel price will still run in an upward trend in the short term

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