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Portugal Barbot coating company increases the output of its factory in Angola.

Carlos Barbot, President of Portugal Barbot coating company, said here that the company has been operating in Angola for 18 months, and now plans to double its output in Angola, and is considering building factories in Mozambique and Morocco

balbott told Lusa news agency of Portugal that at present, the production of Angola factory has adopted the double shift rotation system, including Saturday, which can also be based on the morning, so the company decided to expand the scale of the factory. Balbott said, "it is cost-effective to produce in Africa". He added that the company was also "studying the possibility of building factories in other places, such as Mozambique or other Portuguese speaking countries"

Barbot announced that it would change Barbot's expansion strategy in Angola and decided not to build a new plant, because "it is too high to divide AK by the cross-sectional area f at the sample gap when building a new plant". He added that the company decided to lease an industrial plant a little larger than the existing plant, so that we "can continue to carry out other projects and enter other markets"

Barbot said, "I changed my thinking about the way Portuguese companies operate overseas. We once said that when everything goes well and takes shape under ideal conditions, we can buy land and build factories, but we realized that this is a good way in Portugal, but not necessarily in Angola."

Barbot's insistence on establishing its own stores in the capital in the Angolan market has declined, and its impact on the environment is that the company has four stores in Luanda. According to his prediction, the turnover will increase by 60%, and the turnover of the company in 2010 will be "US $5million to US $6million"

"in the first four months of this year, our turnover increased by 80%. Last year, our turnover was $3.5 million, and this year will reach $5 million to $6 million."

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