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Positioning high-end and focusing on quality - Schmeiser provides a full range of safety magnetic switches

as an industrial switch manufacturer with high quality and perfect service, Schmeiser provides a full range of safety magnetic switches. All products have passed CE, 3C and other international certifications and are recognized by many well-known enterprises at home and abroad. Here are some commonly used safety magnetic switches

bn31 series shell is made of glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic material, with tongue reed tube and a small magnetic block inside. Reed DSM has expertise in the field of life science and material science. Instead of simply placing the reed, it is fixed with two rubber blocks, so that the vibration or impact of the shell does not directly act on the reed, which greatly improves the shockproof performance of the switch. There are long holes on both sides of the switch to accurately adjust the distance between the switch and the trigger magnet. The protection grade is IP67, and the working temperature is -25 to 75 degrees. It is suitable for all kinds of industrial harsh environments

bn65 series is cylindrical in shape, with a 20mm long PG 9 thread, which is used to fix the switch. Its shell is made of wear-resistant glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic material. During the assembly of the switch, a debugging magnet is used to position and adjust the built-in magnet so that the switch is positioned in the middle position. After the switch is assembled, it is fixed with glue and filled with elastic foam material to improve the shock resistance. The protection grade is IP67. It is very suitable for machine tool manufacturing, metallurgy and mining, port lifting, printing and packaging, elevator manufacturing and other machinery manufacturing industries in the extrusion unit equipment. It is an important basic part of machine automation and safety technology

bn series this is a multiple reed switch, which is specially designed for elevator manufacturing, and can provide up to 5 independent signals at the same time. This switch has compact structure, simple installation, and strictly standardizes the action of advertising subjects. A single reed switch element can be flexibly and quickly replaced at any time. The switch contains five tongue spring elements, which can be embedded before or after assembly. When a single reed switching element is turned 180 degrees, its switching performance will reverse. The switch is fixed by M6 screws through two long holes and can be adjusted 5 mm perpendicular to the direction of motion of the induction magnet. The switch shell is made of impact resistant glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic material, which is safe and durable. Its protection grade is IP30, and the working temperature is -10 to 75 degrees. It has strong applicability

at the beginning of 2007, everything was renewed, and Schmeiser industrial switch entered a year of rapid development. Schmeiser will always choose the first capacity: 2 kn will be imported into Germany and introduced into China, bringing more safety concepts and safety solutions to Chinese customers. If you want to know more about safety magnetic switches, please log in

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