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Talking about the domestic post press market in 2012, Chen Liangjia said that although there were dangers, he was still full of confidence. He said that in 2012, the shortage of human resources, the rise of labor costs and the increase in the proportion of multi variety and small batch orders in the domestic post press market will become more serious, and there is a more urgent need to replace manual operation with equipment. The technical requirements for equipment are no longer simply high-speed, but comprehensive requirements of high efficiency, automation, online linkage and simplified and intelligent operation training

at the same time, meeting the personalized needs of different users has also become a problem faced by post press equipment manufacturing enterprises, and there is no need to re purchase equipment. He said that the difference between post press and printing is that there are many requirements for personalization and diversification, involving different binding and service objects. Maybe some customers pay attention to waste removal, some pay attention to reducing labor intensity, and even some customers need to provide special processes. Equipment manufacturing enterprises should meet this personalized demand and refit the equipment. This requires suppliers to be more careful and meet different customers through various intelligent modular combinations

at the same time, Chen Liangjia believes that domestic printing machine manufacturing enterprises should pay more attention to the development of the international market. While focusing on China's domestic market, they should also pay attention to the needs of emerging printing markets and the development of future markets. He believes that at present, the technology and products made in China have matured in the post press field and have their own advantages in international competition. He explained that European manufacturers focus on technology leadership, while domestic manufacturers pay more attention to cost and stability, applicability of environmental temperature and humidity, etc. In some emerging printing markets, post press equipment made in China is more competitive. It is reported that Zihong will have an exhibition area with a standardized and institutionalized long-term mechanism at the drupa exhibition in Duesseldorf, Germany in 2012, for the exhibition of four equipment

Chen Liangjia predicts that the market demand in China's post press field will continue to grow steadily in 2012. He believes that only through technological and technological transformation, printing enterprises can improve the efficiency and benefit planning of labor use, and promote the take-off of China's aluminum material industry with limited investment, can they maintain their competitive advantage and profitability under the new market situation. He stressed that in the post press market, there will be greater demand for the processing of hardcover books, which are relatively profitable

at present, the hardcover linkage production line is a blank product of domestic enterprises, which completely depends on imports. In order to break this situation, the development of high-end linkage production line is clearly listed as a key development goal in the 12th Five Year Plan of printing press. To this end, as a representative enterprise of domestic production enterprises in the field of post press machinery, Zihong company will launch a new hardcover book and notebook binding and processing equipment in 2012. The introduction of these equipment and technologies will change the long-term dependence on imports and the use of second-hand equipment for hardbound equipment. He said that 2012 was defined by Zihong company as its market foundation year, and will focus on the one-stop service of hardcover to design products, technologies, market introduction and the connection of user needs

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