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Portescap introduced a new type of ultra-high torque 22ect brushless slotless motor

portescap added a new member 22ect brushless motor to the ultra EC micro motor platform. This product is designed to achieve ultra-high torque and compact size. With its unique coil technology and patented multi pole rotor design, 22ect has developed into one of the brushless and slotless motors with the most advanced technology and the best performance among similar products. After special optimization, 22ect can provide high continuous torque in the low to medium speed range, achieving maximum power between 10K and 20K rpm. When used with gears, this kind of motor can achieve 2 times higher continuous torque than similar BLDC motors of the same size in the whole low-speed range

22ect adopts the enhanced high-efficiency magnetic circuit structure at the same time, which can significantly reduce the iron loss and Joule loss that mainly lead to the heating of the motor stator. Therefore, compared with similar models, the new 22ect can maintain lower temperature and provide higher power density in the target working area. With the highest continuous torque of 98.5 MNM and higher locked rotor torque, 22ect motor is an ideal choice for industrial automation, power tools and robots

by optimizing the electromechanical design and material selection of 22ect, Portescap successfully launched this high-quality, long-life and high-performance brushless motor. The multi pole design of these motors allows them to have the torque of a much larger motor. Due to the minimum speed drop and the low heating of the motor under load, 2 tape testing and classification 2ect is also suitable for deceleration applications to ensure the toughness and breathability of the product film. In addition, the small inertia design of 22ect makes it an ideal choice for applications requiring rapid stop, start and acceleration

22ect is available in 60mm and 82mm length versions, equipped with Hall sensors and three different coils to meet your speed and voltage requirements. Portescap can provide customized products and services upon request, including gearbox, encoder, coil change and mechanical interface modification

Portescap has passed the global ISO 9001:2008 certification, and our Indian production base has also passed ISO 13485 and iso140. Maybe we can think about 01:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certification

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