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The "post-80s" Wenbiao hall developed the "farming artifact"

the work that used to take 100 farmers half a month to finish, but now one person can finish it in a day - standing in the exhibition hall of Guangxi Nanning jiejiarun company, the slogan "make agriculture easier and happier" is very eye-catching. Wen Biao Tang, chairman of the company, said that in order to prevent dust from entering, the company's self-developed "farming artifact" can realize the integrated intelligent management of water and fertilizer with the click of a mouse

Wenbiao hall is a "post-80s generation". When he was transferred to the major of plant production in the college entrance examination, he was unwilling to engage in such a "native" industry at first. However, with the deepening of learning, Wen Biao Tang gradually realized the importance of agriculture, and how to change the situation of farmers facing the Loess and facing the sky has become his dream

how to realize transformation and upgrading? We can only learn from the most advanced concepts and technologies. After graduation, Wenbiao Tang successfully applied to work for Netafim company in Israel, whose agricultural irrigation technology is in the leading position in the world. After coming to Israel, Wenbiao hall was deeply shocked: there were no working farmers in the fields, and seedling raising, planting and picking were basically mechanized and automated

the experience of working in Israel makes Wenbiao Tang unable to let go. The working methods of Chinese farmers are in sharp contrast to modern agriculture in Israel. "Society is developing, and the old way of working is bound to change in the direction of modern agriculture." Wen biaotang said, "many farms in rural China rely too much on manpower for planting, which will increase farm costs and restrict the development of rural economy when encountering labor shortages."

after working in Netafim for five years, Wen Biao Tang decided to resign and return to China to start a business. The instrument meets the requirements of gb1633, gb1634 and other standards. Wenbiao hall combines Israel's advanced drip irrigation technology with China's rapidly developing information technology, and independently develops a set of integrated intelligent management system for water and fertilizer through integrated innovation, which is OEM by Israeli enterprises. Wenbiao hall also changed the operation interface of the equipment to be similar to the "happy farm" scene. Fertilization and watering are simple and intuitive, and are popular with farmers

now, only one computer or one computer can be automatically calculated by the computer according to the experimental parameters and conditions set at the beginning of the experiment, and this set of fully automatic crop management system can be controlled. The technical parameters of water and fertilizer and meteorological parameters required for crop growth can be seen in the system at a glance. One person can easily manage our company's thousands of acres of farms with years of experience in changing experimental machines for production materials, Users call this system a "farming artifact". The greatest significance of this water and fertilizer integrated fine management system is environmental protection and cost reduction. Using this system can reduce the amount of chemical fertilizer and save water

while greatly expanding its domestic business, wenbiaotang also takes advantage of Guangxi's proximity to ASEAN to develop overseas markets. At present, Wenbiao hall has sent employees to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and other ASEAN countries to negotiate business. More than 70000 mu of bananas in Laos are using this "farming artifact"

in 2016, the company of wenbiaotang achieved a revenue of 36million yuan, and received orders of more than 70million yuan in the first quarter of this year. The company was also listed on the new third board in May this year. Recently, the company is also negotiating a joint venture with an Israeli irrigation enterprise to build a product R & D and manufacturing base in Nanning, which is expected to achieve a three-level jump from imported equipment to integrated innovation and then to joint venture plant construction

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