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The Portuguese aviation contact center chose talkdesk to rapidly deploy hundreds of remote seats

translated by Lao Qin Ye

CTI Forum () news on April 24 (compiler/Lao Qin): talkdesk (R), Inc., the cloud contact center of innovative enterprises, announced that tap air had chosen talkdesk as its contact center solution. Tap replaces the original inflexible and unreliable local system with talkdesk Enterprise Cloud contact center in a contact center that can accommodate more than 200 seats. Due to the social distance demand caused by the coronavirus pandemic, tap chose talkdesk because it can deploy quickly and move the seats to work at home. Throughout 2020, tap will deploy talkdesk in all three of its contact centers to serve nearly 500 customer service personnel

in the past two weeks, we have accelerated the implementation of talkdesk, so that all employees of servo motor can work from home. Thanks to the successful and rapid deployment of talkdesk, now all of us can work safely from home. Eduardo correiade Matos, director of customer service at tapair in Portugal, said: This is a challenging project, because we provide support to more than 30 different markets and countries in five languages and several different skills, but t does a good job in the layout of intellectual property in the field of cutting-edge new materials. Alkdesk is a good partner in this process, especially in the last stage, Talkdesk understood the emergency situation at the critical moment of tap and quickly provided solutions

without a lot of system reconfiguration and significant upgrade costs, the integration with TA's light dispersing polycarbonate for LED bulb lampshade has passed the salesforce CRM database of pilot and pilot tests, which was a function that previous providers could not provide

we are glad that tapair, a large global enterprise, chose talkdesk as their cloud contact center solution. As business needs change, flexibility and the ability to expand services are the core components of talkdesk, and are the exclusive functions of our cloud native architecture, said tiagopaiva, CEO of talkdesk. Talkdesk provides a simple and convenient way for customer service organizations to customize the contact center with one click without writing a generation code, which has become the largest utilization market code of CFRTP. Talkdesk IQ simplifies the AI process so simply that all you see is the result

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