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Ronglian Qimo cloud customer service helps Tujia, and high-quality customer service has won the reputation of users

shared bicycles, shared cars, shared houses, and recently emerging shared power stores. In the past two years, many sharing economies have developed rapidly in China, gradually penetrating into the daily life of the public, and becoming a part of our life sales profit margin of 5.5%. Sharing economy reduces idle resources by means of resource integration and improves the efficiency of the whole resource transaction, which will undoubtedly be the next business development field as important as artificial intelligence

the sharing economy is an imported product, which has taken root in China and produced different flowers. In the field of housing sharing, Tujia began to operate online in 2011. In 2012, platforms such as zhubaijia, ant short rent and piglet also came into people's vision. At the same time, Ctrip and qunar also launched short rent businesses one after another. After 5 or 6 years of competition, Tujia, a platform with deep understanding and service experience in the domestic B & B market, is really left behind

in 2016, Tujia completed the acquisition of ant short rent, reached a strategic agreement with Ctrip and qunar, and acquired the apartment B & B business under Ctrip and qunar. In March this year, Tujia announced a 3+1 development strategy for consumers, operators, home buyers and regionalization, which is committed to building a complete ecological chain and an extended accommodation platform integrating short rent, long rent, B2C, C2C and real estate trust based on folk customs

looking at foreign countries, as the ancestor of the sharing field, airbnb announced its official entry into the Chinese market in August 2015. There are 3million houses in the world, but at present, there are only 80000 sets in China, accounting for less than 3% of its total houses. However, airbnb is not in a hurry to develop more houses, but to accumulate Chinese users who use it for overseas tourism. In order to be more grounded, airbnb released its Chinese name aibiying in March this year to let love greet each other, but if airbnb wants to shine in China, it is not enough to change its name

the living experience of the journey accounts for the vast majority of the whole journey. Imagine that when you arrive at your travel destination with excitement, but find there is a problem with the order when you check in, you will immediately seek customer service help from the accommodation platform. This is also the reason why we often see negative news from airbnb. When there are problems with orders, local customer service is often unable to provide effective support. With the help of air, we can finally reach the field that we have always affirmed in theory that the specific fiber structure can lead to the improvement of mechanical properties. This field has the customer service strength of the headquarters of BNB, but because of the relatively expensive human resources in the United States, airbnb can give users, Often it's just an email address

in the accommodation of the journey, gbt18449.1 (2) 001 metal Knoop hardness test Part 1 experimental method, there are mainly three problems: first, problems in collection and payment; The second is the safety issue. The landlord and the tenant have disputes over the safety of living and the damage to the room; Third, the housing information is inconsistent. In either case, once it occurs, it will be the most unforgettable thing in the journey. As the largest residential sharing platform in China, Tujia has made a series of customer service innovations

when you browse the house information at any traffic entrance of Tujia (such as station, app, etc.), the customer service entrance is obvious, and there is no need to wait too long to access manual customer service. Tujia summarizes all the channel information involved in a customer service system. The customer service agent only needs to log in to this customer service system to solve all user problems in turn. Through user source tracking, the customer service can clearly understand from which page the user enters the consultation, predict the problems that the user may initiate, and solve the problems more directly and efficiently. At the same time, cooperate with the customer service robot to filter out the basic and high repetition rate problems. The user problems in front of manual customer service are basically more complex and difficult questions, so the utilization rate of customer service human resources has also been improved

to solve the problem of users responding to every request, we need to further improve the service quality. Every single customer of Tujia can be consulted and checked in real time during the test, and the dynamic switching of graphics can be checked in real time. Managers can check and listen to the recording at any time, understand the working status of each customer service, control the quality of customer service work, and ensure that each user's problems can be properly solved

in order to achieve the best customer service, Tujia has set up some customer service inspection standards, such as response speed, service quantity, user satisfaction, plus the escort of real-time reports, customer service reports, visitor reports, seat satisfaction reports, questionnaire return visit status, and the multidimensional work of customer service is displayed at any time. When you ask for help from customer service at Tujia, there will never be a solution like asking you to negotiate with the landlord

in order to realize customer service functions such as multi-channel information integration, user source checking, real-time monitoring reports, Tujia uses the cloud customer service system of Ronglian Qimo. Ronglian Qimo has rich experience in corporate communications in the tourism industry and has successfully served Tujia, Rujia, business travel steward and other industry leaders. With the help of Ronglian Qimo, Tujia has made an overall update on its customer service level and is committed to perfection

airbnb is the originator of housing sharing, but it still needs to carry out localization reform when entering the Chinese market. In the process of foreign economies entering China, Internet companies such as Uber, eBay, Yahoo and MySpace have encountered acclimatization in China. Whether the myth that the strong dragon can't suppress the land snake will be broken by the exotic Unicorn airbnb still needs to be tested by the market

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