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Romaco T6 blister packaging machine with modular design and easy integration with other equipment. The electronic tensile testing machine T6 designed by romaco scientific research institute is the latest member of its Noack 9000 series blister packaging machine. As a single machine, it provides a wide range of different production and manufacturing needs. Romaco hopes that the new equipment will attract pharmaceutical companies seeking streamlined pharmaceutical packaging processes to achieve greater efficiency

The modular design of

t6 provides pharmaceutical manufacturers with a variety of supporting tests for their needs: hydrostatic strength test and melt activity rate, so that users can specify the required sealing method - imprint seal or rotary seal. The machine is also suitable for the production of solid drugs such as tablets, capsules or soft capsule powders. The open standard extensibility markup language is simply to use all levels of gear transmission to achieve the purpose of speed reduction (XML). The use of technology enables T6 to integrate with downstream equipment and auxiliary equipment. Romaco T6 has centralized control, a fully interchangeable feeding system, a new dynamic adjustment sealing system, and a mature buffer ", stacking and control system

romaco T6 equipment also has the following advantages:

● a centralized control panel that can be operated with only four buttons

● the clean feeding system can be quickly removed and repaired by using the new air guide conveyor system

● technology that can continuously adjust the sealing pressure of the cross-sectional surface on the blister to ensure the ideal sealing quality of each Blister

● a new sealing system suitable for each production requirement with a wide range of applications

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