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Ronglian launched the international roaming service "yoyo mobile"

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CITM overseas tourism survey report of Chinese tourists shows that in 2015, the number of overseas tourists exceeded 120million, and it is expected that China's outbound tourists will reach 500million in the next five years. Chinese tourists are constantly providing impetus for the development of world tourism

the potential capacity of the international roaming market may exceed 20billion yuan in the future. The international roaming communication market has a huge space, and a large number of outbound people have expedited the development of the international communication market. However, at present, the international business travel communication products on the market are mixed, and users still do not know how to choose

after two years of technology incubation and accumulation, Ronglian cloud communication, the country's largest communication cloud service provider, officially launched international roaming communication services, built a traffic resource platform yoyo mobile covering hundreds of countries around the world through new SIM innovative technology, and comprehensively provided software and hardware products and overall solutions for international traffic

at the same time, yoyo Mobile announced that it had reached strategic cooperation with Shenzhen yunjitong Technology Co., Ltd. and Shanghai zhuoyilou Communication Co., Ltd. on inbound and outbound communications for domestic and foreign passengers to jointly promote the development of the three parties in the field of international communications. Yoyo mobile will rely on good cooperation with domestic and foreign operators, innovative softsim and IOT technology solutions, and is committed to serving users ③ Jinan new era Gold Tester uses a micrometer to select qualified steel balls and replace them; (3) The fixture of indentation measuring device is a locking mechanism to provide convenient and reliable transnational communication and information services

there are three types of traditional international traffic services:

open international roaming: Although the three major operators and most virtual operators are trying to reduce the international tariff, the tariff is still very high. Although the joke of losing a suite in ten days is exaggerated, the roaming fee is really expensive, which is expensive, and local tyrants can choose

use local roaming SIM card: the card quality is difficult to identify, users have certain requirements for language when handling in the local area, and the user's system may not be compatible with local operators. It is more or less inconvenient and suitable for users to travel in one place for long-term use

portable Wi Fi rental: one device is shared by many people, it is troublesome to charge, the deposit is heavy, the procedures are troublesome, it needs to make an appointment in advance, and there are problems such as unstable signal and inconvenient to carry

the above three methods have their own disadvantages, such as high charges, complex procedures, unstable signals, etc. no service provider provides differentiated services by subdividing user groups

yoyo mobile international traffic four solutions

yoyo finished cards: tourism destination cards jointly produced directly with foreign MnO MVNO, with rich types and wide coverage, are convenient for users to choose flexibly, and multi-national network packages are optional; Suitable for free travel, group travel and other traffic services

yoyo international card: Sim will use this kind of instrument card in conjunction with app. It can order international traffic on app, realize repeated erasure and use of one card, and solve the problem of switching across operators through multiple IMSI and OTA blank writing technology, so that users can choose the wireless services of different operators independently. This card can solve the problem that business travelers and multinational enterprises need to constantly change their cards when using one-time cards to roam across countries

yoyo free card: cloud traffic and on-demand card writing can reduce the channel stocking cost of travel agencies and business travel platforms. You can order traffic according to the user's itinerary and write it at one time; Through app+ portable business card printing mechanism, business card printing and card sales can be done synchronously. It is suitable for direct distribution at counters such as airports and checkpoints

traffic resource pool: support partners to obtain traffic resources from different countries and operators on demand, which can be used for various traffic products and services

for tourists, the above four solutions bring more diversified choices, low-cost and high-quality services. For business travel partners, it can extend the life cycle of the application of tourism enterprises on the customer side and reduce the cost of secondary customer acquisition; Enjoy the shared value-added services brought by content link: that is, the sharing of access, resources and technology, and increase the tentacles of tourism enterprises and users through a variety of communication services

build the world's first traffic + PAAS platform

yoyo mobile will take traffic as the entry point in the future, develop multi scene international roaming products and services, such as increasing calls, voice, video, etc., and provide a comprehensive cross-border communication cloud solution for the tourism industry. This is also an important layout of Ronglian in overseas markets and cross-border communication products. It will explore diversified domestic and foreign communication services that are convenient and accessible on demand, build the world's first international traffic + PAAS platform, and inject new vitality into Ronglian's communication ecosystem. In terms of the original communication technology level, user scale and market position of Ronglian, yoyo Mobile has deeply explored innovative roaming traffic products to meet the high-quality pursuit of users for cross-border traffic after the spring tide of Tourism Upgrading; In the future, it will definitely perform well in the medium and high-end international roaming market and become the preferred service provider for international roaming users

about strategic partners:

Shenzhen yunjitong Technology Co., Ltd., an industry-leading provider of communication technology solutions, has professional technical strength in security and communication product innovation

Shanghai zhuoyilou Communication Co., Ltd., a leading provider of products and communication value-added services in the field of communication, has made great achievements in the field of international communication. The technician of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. has compiled a detailed procedure for the use of the experimental machine for you

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