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Shanghai Customs expands the pilot scope of paperless customs clearance

64 enterprises with good reputation and large export volume in Shanghai today signed the EDI paperless customs declaration agreement with Shanghai Customs, which increased by US $0.3 per kilogram for flame retardancy and super elasticity. This is the second batch of enterprises to obtain EDI paperless customs declaration rights after 11 enterprises from Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone and Songjiang Export Processing Zone were located in Jinning Industrial Park, Yunnan Province on February 1 this year

EDI paperless customs declaration means electronic customs clearance. Through the E-port system, using the advantages of information technology and joint supervision, the customs computer system automatically processes the formatted data and messages of the customs declaration documents of import and export goods. This also reflects the progress of plastic technology in the industry as a whole.

because EDI paperless customs declaration realizes joint declaration, joint tax payment, joint verification, joint inspection and release and joint monitoring through the E-port platform, it has the characteristics of high automation of data processing, fast customs clearance, low cost and strict supervision

it is reported that the pilot of electronic customs clearance for some air cargo of 11 enterprises in Songjiang Export Processing Zone and Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone has achieved remarkable results. Information from enterprises shows that due to the reduction of customs clearance links, the customs clearance speed (non direct) of imported goods by ordinary air transport can be shortened by half a day

it is reported that on April 1 this year, Shanghai Customs will also expand the scope of EDI paperless customs declaration enterprises to large state-owned and foreign-invested enterprises with good reputation, ranking among the top 50 in Shanghai Customs District and the top 100 in export

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